The image of a work is greatly influenced by the paper. There is no doubt that the work stands out if the image and the paper match.

There are  various expressions  like painting by the difference of ink absorption and paper and emphasizing the gloss feeling of the photograph.

To do that, we need to test and select several kinds of paper.

It is possible to correspond to various kinds of paper with the overseas papers. Sihl is  the main axis.

We are creating a paper ICC profile and printing it. 

High Quality Print (Sihl Master Class)

• Glossy system

- High Glossy paper 

- Metallic parl glossy paper

- Semi-glossy paper Luster

- Baryita Fine Art glossy

• Mat series

- Smooth cotton paper

- Textured cotton paper

- Matt Photo Canvas

Eco print (Sihl ROKET 250 gsm)

• Glossy system

- Glossy paper Gloss

- Semi-glossy paper Luster