We will start the test print after reciving the data. This is an important process of finding out which paper matches your works.


We  choose three kinds of paper and print 180 mm short side image on A4 equivalent paper. Because, your works will changes greatly depen on paper selection . At that time, we select one piece of your photo data and print a test print. We will provide 3 images as test prints if the paper has already been decided. Also, if you order A4, we will provide it on A5. One test print is included in the price, but for other additional tests we will charge 500 yen per sheet.

If you wish to adjust color, brightness etc at this point, we will retouch at the stage of first test printout.

After that, additional tests will be charged.

However, after finishing the test print, if we do not reach the final print due to various circumstances,we will charge 2000 yen as test print cost.

The paper used is Sihl's high-class photographic art paper master class.